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How can I cancel my monthly payments?

PayPal Subscription.
To cancel your monthly payments you will need to log in to your PayPal account and do the following:

1) click 'Profile' in the top right corner

2) a drop-down menu appears; click ' Profile and Settings '

3) click 'My Money' in the left-hand panel

4) click 'Update' to the right of ' My pre-approved payments '

5) click ' Fertility Focus Ltd '

6) click ' Cancel '

7) a pop-up window appears; click ' Cancel Profile ' You can cancel your monthly payment at any time before the next payment is due.

If you wish to use OvuSense at a later date you can re-subscribe at any time, please visit our website www.ovusense.com, and purchase a new subscription. Your data will be stored on our database for an indefinite period according to the terms and conditions agreed upon when you signed up.


Credit card Subscription

You can cancel it via the website here: https://www.ovusense.com/us/customer/account/login or contact us at www.ovusense.com/uk/getsupport  to cancel it on your behalf.