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Sensor Questions / Inserting / Removing and Cleaning

Do I ever need to replace my Sensor?
Your Sensor battery life is valid for a period of 12 months after the date of re... more
How do you remove your sensor?
You can remove your sensor by gently pulling on the sensor tail from the closest... more
Can I use a lubricant with the Sensor?
You can use a small amount of lubricant for inserting the sensor if you feel you... more
Can I still wear the Sensor if I have a Bacterial/Yeast infection?
We recommend you stop using OvuSense if you have irritation or an infection. Was... more
Can I wear the sensor during my period?
For hygiene and safety reasons, it’s essential not using the sensor when you are... more
Does one size Sensor fit all?
Yes, there’s just one size of OvuSense Sensor. Inserting the Sensor is easy. Ho... more
What does the sensor tail do?
The sensor tail is designed to hang free so it’s easier to remove the sensor. It... more
Should I take the Sensor out to go to the bathroom at night?
We recommend that you remove the Sensor before you go to the bathroom and then w... more
Should I take the Sensor out to have sex?
It is essential to remove the Sensor before sex. We recommend that the Sensor is... more
What should I clean the Sensor with?
The Sensor is designed with materials that prevents growth of bacteria. Simply c... more
I’m spotting with some blood, should I use my Sensor?
No, you should not use the Sensor when you are bleeding or spotting. more
My Sensor keeps falling out. Is there anything I can do to try and keep it in?
Perhaps your Sensor isn’t in place. Insert your finger inside the vagina until y... more
How far should I insert the OvuSense?
Hold the Sensor where the tail joins the main body. Aim toward the small of your... more