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Technical questions about OvuSense Sensor and App

Do you have an online community where I can share my thoughts with other OvuSense Users?
Yes - we do! You can join our private Facebook Support Group here: www.facebook... more
I don't have a headphone jack on my iPhone - how to I connect the NFC Reader?
In order to connect your iPhone to the NFC Reader you will need to use the Light... more
How does OvuSense calculate ovulation?
Over a number of years, clinical studies have identified that a sustained rise i... more
If I start a new cycle, does that automatically start a new subscription?
No. Your monthly subscription and the creation of a new cycle are not connected.... more
I work shift hours, which means I have irregular sleep patterns, can I still use OvuSense?
You can use OvuSense if you work shifts as long as you have a regular pattern of... more
I’m going on holiday, can I take OvuSense on to the flight in my hand luggage?
You can take OvuSense with you on holiday. We suggest carrying in the case provi... more
Why am I getting a 'Zero' reading on my chart?
OvuSense is designed to be used during a minimum period of 6 hours sleep, and th... more
Can I use OvuSense alongside fertility medications and procedures?
Many of our customers use OvuSense to monitor the effect of their fertility medi... more
Could I be at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome by using OvuCore?
As with the use of tampons, there may be a small risk of toxic shock. However, t... more
Are there any radio waves used in transmitting the data from the Sensor?
The OvuSense Sensor does not transmit any data whilst it’s inside your body. O... more
What is the minimum time the sensor needs to be worn to produce a valid reading?
OvuSense needs a minimum of 4 hours of 'usable' data (once room temperature has ... more
I have irregular cycles and/or PCOS. Will OvuSense work for me?
OvuSense users that have irregular cycles and/ or PCOS feel let down by other pr... more
I have no access to the internet, can I still use the OvuSense App and Sensor?
Yes, you can use the OvuSense App for up to 30 days without internet access. Se... more
Do I need to be connected to the internet to use my OvuSense App?
No, your mobile device does not need to connect to internet for it to work and c... more
How is OvuSense Sensor and App different from the older version of OvuSense?
The OvuSense Sensor and App uses an improved technology to connect your Sensor w... more
My doctor says I ovulated on a different day to what OvuSense says. Why is that?
Usually, your doctor will carry out one of two tests to determine if and when yo... more
Why is there a difference between my OvuSense result and my OPKs (Ovulation Predictor Kits)? Which is correct?
OvuSense was developed to provide the same benefit as OPK tests by predicting th... more
I sleep with a blanket and my room is hot generally. Will that affect my readings?
As OvuSense takes temperature measurements in the vagina, it is not prone to ext... more
I had a fever last night, will that affect my temperature readings?
If you have a fever for two or more days you should stop using OvuSense until yo... more
What is the Fertile Window?
The Fertile Window is shown from cycle 2 onwards if you received confirmed ovula... more
What is the difference between a real-time prediction and a realtime confirmation from OvuSense?
A realtime OvuSense prediction notifies you in advance during your cycle that ov... more
Is my mobile phone or tablet compatible with the OvuSense App?
The OvuSense App is compatible with iPhone 7 models onwards and Android phones w... more
Why did my OvuSense not give me a confirmation date?
OvuSense uses an ovulation detection method, independently established in the cl... more