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I'm using an Apple Device with an external NFC Reader and my Sensor won't connect - Can you help?

* Please note this troubleshooting guide is for existing customers only.  With effect from Jan 26, 2021 we no longer issue or sell external NFC Readers to connect to iPhone 6 and below or iPads.

Here's a list of tips which may help you connect to your device:

  • Firstly, please ensure that you have updated to the latest version of the OvuSense App.
  • Next, you must ensure that your phone/tablet has an adequate battery level. Your phone must not be in 'Battery Save' mode whilst attempting to connect. If your battery level is low or in 'Battery Save' mode, it is best to recharge it before attempting connection again.
  • Put your device into airplane mode, logout of the OvuSense App, reboot your device, turn airplane mode off, login to OvuSense.
  • Make sure your microphone is turned on. Click on the Settings icon on your device. Scroll down until you reach the settings for your Apps, and then scroll down until you reach the OvuSense App icon.  Click on the OvuSense App icon. Make sure that the button next to 'Microphone' is switched to on (green). Ideally, you  should also allow OvuSense to access your Mobile Data by switching that button to on as well.
  • Please ensure that the volume is turned all the way up on your device and that the ringer is set to 'on'
  • Make sure you have removed the clear plastic film covering the front of the NFC Reader 
  • Make sure your NFC Reader is fully charged* - see below.
  • Make sure you have no case on your device which may prevent the NFC Reader from being plugged in fully


  • Open the App and press connect.  It is really important that you do this before plugging in the NFC Reader.
  • Plug the NFC Reader firmly into the headphone socket of your phone
  • The LED light on the NFC Reader should turn green and the number '1' should highlight on the screen
  • If you feel carefully on the Sensor at the point where the body joins the tail, there is a small raised marking on one side.
  • You need to make sure the side of the Sensor with the marking is facing towards the "O" above the OvuSense logo on the NFC reader.
  • Place or hold your Sensor next to the NFC reader as shown in the picture on your OvuSense App
  • The NFC Reader should be touching the Sensor
  • If you have trouble locating the Sensor move it around gently until the 2nd circle turns green, then hold everything still

* to fully charge your NFC Reader:

  • Plug the mini USB end of the cable into your NFC Reader
  • Plug the other end into a computer USB socket or other USB charging point.
  • A red light will show on the NFC Reader when you start charging it.
  • When the NFC Reader is fully charged, the red light will switch off 

  If you are still having issues after trying all of the tips above, please contact us at www.ovusense.com/uk/getsupport